Look to God’s Playbook to make Life’s Touchdowns

LISTEN to counsel AND RECEIVE instruction SO THAT YOU MAY BE WISE later in life.

I’m a tennis girl, so I never used to understand why sports teams would meeting around a whiteboard before games until someone told me how complex plays can be. I didn’t realize that there’s entire anatomy to a touchdown. There’s even science applied to the game of golf.

The more I learn about sports, the more fascinated I am about their correlations to living a remarkable life.

No metaphor, I have actually hit a brick wall head-on before — sober. My lovely limited edition Hyundai was without blemish up until the day it happened. I used to laugh when I told people about it but soon stopped because no one else laughed with me. Instead, I got the crazy-lady crickets of silence.

I’ll spare you the story of how I pressed the gas pedal and pushed my car up the curb head-on into a brick wall. My hood remains crunched to this day. Because aesthetics aren’t a priority, and my deductible was too high, I chose not…

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I write about the 4 types of love, connection, and relationships for people who love God. That includes writing about marriage sometimes, and sexual issues are bound to come up in my writing. At first, I embraced it, but I quickly found that many people cringe when sexual topics and God are under the same author. I struggled with combining both subjects for a long time. Recently, I have given up the fight, and here’s why.

I started learning about the 4 types of people when my ex-husband and I, (let’s call him Brad), went…

Stop fighting to get through your day with this easy, natural IRONCLAD Chili Recipe for healthy cells

Thank you for this adorable picture Mathey from Pixabay!

Oh no! I just called myself a vegan! I’m not sure how I feel about it, but it was the best reason to give the hot busboy that was serving me up a side of lemon slices, limes, oranges, and EVEN Strawberries from the drink bar. I did it as a cover-up, a way to deflect any judgment of an old lady trying to get a few freebies in the form of drink garnishes from the bar. But it worked. …

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If you’re reading this, you probably care a great deal about buying gifts that leave a lasting impression. Not everyone does care what gifts they buy, do they? Some people don’t even buy gifts, less put a lot of thought into them.

But what if you could understand people around you enough to know, just by looking at them, what type of gift they might like?

Wouldn’t it make shopping for family and friends easier?


What you are about to read may help you relate better to everyone around you.

Meet God Podcast

Listen to the Meet God Podcast

Today, during the election time of unknowing, with a future that is unsure, many of us have our heels dug in, and we are firmly wet on what we think is right for this country.

Remember that Proverbs 16:9 says we can make our plans, but the Lord directs our steps.

No matter what happens, as believers who have chosen to allow God’s reign in our lives.

In the book of Daniel, Daniel said, blessed be the name of God forever and ever:

for wisdom and might are HIS.

And He changes the…

“I’ll see you in Glory!”

Image by Fabien Huck

More and more Christians are departing ways with a new saying. The first time I heard it was on Sunday when our pastor closed his message with the words, “if we don’t return on Sunday, I’ll see you in Glory.”

Oddly, it energized us. Even stranger was the comfort I felt knowing I was in a room full of people that share anticipation for Christ’s return. It is something that would have sent me into a spiral of depression only a few weeks before.

You may not have heard about the dreams and visions…

Jiggly belly from COVID creature

Listen to the article here while you work out : )


The word hack is overused, so I’m switching it up to Tricks. Do you think enough time has passed since we used that word for hookers on street corners? I feel like that was in the ’80s and today is a new day.

Whether I call it a Trick or Hack, it’s one thing I have adopted in my arsenal of Getting My Body Back faster.

I was deployed with my unit responding to one of the hurricanes. Our unit was the Mobile Public Affairs Detachment. …

This relationship isn’t working! How to break up with your fat for good.

Multi-tasking is possible. Don’t read, click here to you listen while you work : )

Jiggly belly creature from eating too many pork rinds and not sticking to low carb faire
Jiggly belly creature from eating too many pork rinds and not sticking to low carb faire


I arose on day 4 expecting to feel like a queen goddess hot-bodded chick, but instead my stomach felt bloated and remained protruded beyond my toes.

(And don’t tell me to be realistic. We all know we expect results right way when it comes to working out. We all expect at least some little proof of our work after 3 days).

Then I remembered, I had learned when you first start working…

I’m still eating those Pork Rinds because the pain has increased!


Double do your life and listen while you work : )

Jiggly Belly Creature (how we feel when we realize we’ve completely fallen off track)


Yes! I successfully stuck to all 3 pre-planned days of my tiny self ascribed work out routine. At the end of 3 days, I was astounded and proud of myself. But…I wasn’t expecting this!


Just in case you’re just jumping in now, the original instructions were to write down your own very simple, 3-day plan that would consist of moving. It didn’t matter what as long as you are doing ANYTHING consecutively for 3 days. There were no rules put on it. …

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